What Type of Learner Are You?

Image obtained from: medicalwebbook.com


“There is a massive variety of ways of learning and as technology advances and researchers do their work, we’re finding new and quicker ways to learn. However all learners comes under 4 main categories, visual, auditory, read/write and kinaesthetic. Have you ever wondered what type of learner you are? Well this infographic will help you work out what kind of learner you are and what you can do to learn things quicker.” ~ Oliur

Minkälaisia oppijoita oppilaasi ovat? Tässä englanninkielinen helposti suomennettava hauska testi oppilaillesi.


“Memory is incredibly important for productivity in the workplace, but have you ever wondered how it actually works? It’s a complicated process that goes through many steps, and it involves many parts of your brain being used for a bunch of different types of memory.” ~ Kim Bhasin