GREATNESS within you!

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up, your problems or your goals?

Decide that you are going to start each day thinking about your goals, your dreams and your positive possibilities. As soon as you wake up in the morning, start throwing out those nagging doubts and worries. Concentrate, instead, on the things you have decided to accomplish in your life. Whatever you think about long enough and intently enough will become a reality for you. That is because your thoughts direct your actions from moment to moment and day to day.

If you spend a lot of time thinking about your problems, they will grow bigger and stronger. Is that what you want? Of course not. Instead, focus on your goals. Keep them in the forefront of your mind from the moment your wake up, throughout the morning, the afternoon, the evening, until you go to bed at night. Your thoughts are yours. They are completely under your control. So you might as well use them to benefit you. Because, what you think about, you bring about. You have GREATNESS within you!


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Author: Allick Delancy

WE ALL HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO DO GREAT THINGS IN LIFE! The areas of education, psychology, motivation, behavioural coaching, management of stress, anger and conflict, has always interested Allick Delancy. For this reason, over the years he has conducted research in these fields and has experienced great success in writing, lecturing and assisting other persons to develop their fullest potentials. He has obtained a Bachelors of Science in Behavioural Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology and Sociology. Allick Delancy also earned a Masters of Arts degree in Educational Psychology, with general emphasis in Learning, Development, Testing and Research from Andrews University. He has worked in the field of community mediation, education--conducting life skills training (for students, teachers and parents), as well as conducting Functional Behavioural Assessments and developing Functional Behavioural Plans. He also lectures at the Bachelors degree level in Early Childhood and Family Studies, Leadership and Management and co-wrote an undergraduate course in social work.

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