Enjoy your work

Find something you delight in doing and work at it. You will be more productive and find greater joy in life.


Victor or Prey

Heal. Grow.. Inspire...

Oh how we sacrifice through whatever length

Marveled by the tales of your strength

Inspired by the traces of your power

Mighty nations have crumbled in your honour

Serpents stood tall and walked

Souls danced, tattlers silenced and dumb men talked

Where life welcomes death with a fearless sneer

And men soar higher than vultures dare

Famine, near dying for a taste so true

Denied having lived in the absence of you

Paralyzed in your presence, Happiness’ immortality

Rationale’s insanity

Though shackled in an unbreakable chain

This slavery we willingly embrace again and again

But in silence I hear your past whisper

Mouths shown shot and dare not mention your name ever

Corpses with their hearts cut out and buried in a chest

Eagerly cross desserts to evade your breath

Hollow souls tremble whenever your shadow’s near

Pure darkness, no hope, no light, nowhere

Life longs for you but you…

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