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What stimulates you to achieve?

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Let us now look at what stimulates or at one time stimulated you to achieve, so that you can write that down and have it to review. This brings me to an illustration of an iceberg’s appearance in the ocean. I had used this illustration in a few workshops in ‘Parenting with Teenagers’. The objective was to look at the various issues experienced by both groups—the parents and the teenagers. I will attempt to adopt the illustration here, to create a word picture.

Imagine for a while, if you may, that there in front of you, about one mile ahead, sits an iceberg on the waters. You could see its peak, majestically sitting against the back drop of the grayish blue sky. Now keep that image in your mind.

Many times when I think of the iceberg, I think of the sad event involving the Titanic ship striking an iceberg and sinking, taking with it many lives. But this iceberg can teach each one of us, many valuable lessons in life. One lesson I will like to share with you, has to do with the parts of the iceberg that is visible and invisible; you will always see what is out of the water, if that is what you are looking for.

Many times, what we seldom look at, is what is below the surface of a person’s success. The challenging work, the grit and the loyal obedience to methods of success does not always readily come to mind. What made them able to follow through on their dreams when all else seem to be failing all around them? When their own friends were walking away from them and saying that they are a fool to continue on this path, this journey to their unattainable dreams. Perhaps you have experienced this in your life.

Possibly you have heard the word ‘no’ so many times, or the words ‘you are a failure’, so often, that it is as though you have begun to believe it. In reading this book you would have picked up, anything we continue to do repetitively become a habit to us. It is no different when we allow ourselves to start being molded by the negative words of others. Self-doubt enters the mind affecting thinking, feelings, and subsequently our behaviors. But I want you to look at your life, and see that there is much you have already done, and yet more that you can contribute too.

See in your mind’s eye, that at one time you had a focus, a single belief that the work you are putting in will have results. This is the critical point at which you must find once more your passion, that dream that once stimulated you to get up early and work at it. There can be no longer any justification you can use in your life to say ‘you can’t’. This is a critical moment. The time is now, for you to make that change. You have much to desire which is below the surface, once more show your true potential by getting back on the course that leads to your destination. Iyanla Vanzant once said, “Where in your life are you offering excuses for not standing in your power? I you ready to eliminate excuses today? Excuses are the means by which you avoid, deny, and resist the greatness you know yourself to be.” Once more, continue to make those steps to excellence. You have done it before.

Slowing down or experiencing mental tiredness?

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I want you now to look at your journey, your process to self-development, to your self-mastery and look for that willingness which you possess in you, and make note of it. If you are slowing down a bit because of mental tiredness on the path to your dreams, then ask yourself this question. What do I have that at one time made me awake from my sleep and said to myself: Is it morning yet for my vision to be worked into reality?

I would like you to write down what your stimulus or drive is or was. Look at what you have written, are you satisfied or contented with where you have reached with your idea or your vision of achievement? If no, then from today, start making and writing down those plans, journaling the direction to take, schedules, agendas to be completed and diligently work those. It does not matter where you are today or what time of the night it may be at this moment, just start writing. You may be at the coffee shop right now or on your lunch break or probably getting ready for bed, whatever the case. Or are you saying to yourself, “well this is good information I will begin this plan tomorrow”. I remembered listing to one of Les Brown’s speech, where he said that to “start tomorrow, maybe too late!” Tomorrow maybe the place where you become stuck even further in the mire of despair, as it relates to your vision or purpose in life.

I was at a youth function a few years ago, when one of the motivational speakers for that day told the audience that, “to succeed in life, you must be willing to expect one percent inspiration and give ninety-nine percent with perspiration”. This is a powerful statement. We have to be willing to give our very best as we continually strive for self accomplishment. You have to be businesslike, even when you do not feel like going to work on your dreams today. I believe, as so many other people who depend on you, that there is more, much more too you, than what meets the eyes.

Your constant determination to achieve your dreams, functioning at your highest level, again and again, you will see yourself and the strength you truly possess inside. You will really be able to see below the surface, as it relates to who you are and what pushes you. Mystic Prowler, song writer and entertainer, was quoted as saying, “this is the stuff great [people] are made of, the stuff you could miss unless you look below the surface”.

As you become conscious and refuse to lose at life, seeing the sacrifices you have made and the time spent learning and acquiring the stuff of greatness, you will be refreshed and fueled at the same time. You will see ways to restructure your ideas and belief and become greater as you push ahead to that which you pursue.

It’s More than Art

Boone County CASA

We loved this SoulPancake video. In it you are able to see functioning, relatively happy adults become emotional and touched by their experimental art therapy session. What really resonated with us is that nearly everyone mentioned their family and, more specifically, their parents. This brought the kiddos we serve to mind. What would these paintings be like for a child who has experienced abuse and neglect?

In this age where adult coloring books are a thing and children are getting referred to play therapy, we are learning more everyday about expression. This is so, so very important to those children too small, too quiet, or too uncertain to be able to express in words the impact of their experiences. Can you imagine never having held a book, a paint brush, or a crayon as a child? We’ve tried, because unfortunately there are children who have experienced this.

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Writing to remember.

The brain is able to process and respond; able to recall information it was exposed to before.

So ask yourself, what path do I need to create or follow, to see my dreams move from just an idea to reality? Deeply think about the process to follow that must be achieved firstly or the steps to make before that other leap is made, and write it down. Then, review it every day you awake and before you go to bed at nights without letup.