Starting something new

Most persons have the desire to start something great in their lives.  And this could be anything, like learning a new language, learning to drive a vehicle, saving money to purchase a home, returning to school and so on.  Therefore action is required.  And some may indicate that they know what action to take in order to make their dreams a reality.  But the problem with some persons is that they lack the ‘knowhow’ to sustain the required actions—actions which will take them from where they are, to where they want to go.  This knowledge appear elusive; a secret.  And so, with the passing of time their goals, dreams or aspirations dwindle into oblivion. But it is also more than lack of knowledge responsible for why people fail at certain endeavors.


I want you to think of an occasion in your life when you made a decision to make a change.


This can be any time, and with anything.


Try to recall the oath you made with yourself.  Maybe it was an exercise programme you wanted to implement.  You bought your sports clothing; matching shoes to go with it.  You made some kind of schedule, and even started.


The first day of your exercise programmed was great, and then the second too.  But the rains fell one day.  It is wet outside so you shouldn’t go out today, maybe tomorrow.  This was a thought running through your mind.  You acted on it.


Then tomorrow came, and on the schedule, this is a rest day, so you can’t go out today.  No, you should not, that will be cheating.  Remember the plan.  The plan has a rest day built in, you already got thrown off with the rain this week, remember you have a plan and after all, the doctor said rest is important.  Then you just remembered this evening has one of your favorite TV shows on, so the evening will not be spent too badly after all!


Before you know it, exercise days become swamped with other activities but exercise.  The gym equipment you purchased now becomes a hanger for T-shirts and other items.


In this case, the plan to live a healthier life style, got side tracked.  Why?  There may be many reasons given.  But ultimately, consistent discipline for exercise was not formed.  A habit was not developed.  Procrastination stepped in.


I know of persons who are planning, it seems like forever, to return to school and finish a degree they started some time back, to hit the gym, work on their relationships with others, arrange their financial situation to get out of debt etc.  The days turned into months and the months into years.  The drive they once had, or actions vanished.


What do you think happened?


Author: Allick Delancy

WE ALL HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO DO GREAT THINGS IN LIFE! The areas of education, psychology, motivation, behavioural coaching, management of stress, anger and conflict, has always interested Allick Delancy. For this reason, over the years he has conducted research in these fields and has experienced great success in writing, lecturing and assisting other persons to develop their fullest potentials. He has obtained a Bachelors of Science in Behavioural Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology and Sociology. Allick Delancy also earned a Masters of Arts degree in Educational Psychology, with general emphasis in Learning, Development, Testing and Research from Andrews University. He has worked in the field of community mediation, education--conducting life skills training (for students, teachers and parents), as well as conducting Functional Behavioural Assessments and developing Functional Behavioural Plans. He also lectures at the Bachelors degree level in Early Childhood and Family Studies, Leadership and Management and co-wrote an undergraduate course in social work.

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