How To Self Publish a Kindle E-book on Amazon’s KDP Select — Join the Self-Publishing Revolution

by Rob Cubbon

Get an e-book on Kindle store — there are several things to do that however it is quite easy!

You should put a lot of thought into your title, subtitle, the two categories it’s going to go in, 7 keywords, the description of the book (the blurb) and the cover.

In order to enrol in KDP Select, the e-book you’re uploading does not exist anywhere else. If you enrol in KDP Select you can offer the book for free during five days every 90 days which is a great marketing ploy, and you can also sell the book at a discount for a limited time which is also a great thing to do

I wouldn’t advise you to upload a Microsoft Word doc although that is exactly what I do here It’s better to create a Mobi file with either Adobe InDesign with the kindle plug-in or Scrivener — these will produce a cleaner HTML file than you will get through the Word doc.


Reflection and writing.

I can remember sitting in my bedroom many years ago, a young inquisitive child and saying to myself, what can I do with my life? How should I plan for the future? I mean, this is not something probably most eleven year olds readily do. And this may not be their fault. There are so many distractions in our world that bombards children. There are television, video games, movies and parties just to name a few. And nothing is wrong with entertainment or recreation. These are all part of experiencing the joys of living. Sometimes though if not applied with balance in life, can contribute to distraction. Taking away periods that can be devoted to reflection, creativity and planning.


Getting back to what I was talking to you about. I was really determined to see the little dreams I had in my head come alive. I could remember dreaming of wanting to be a medical doctor, as that was what I thought will have been a really exciting job. And I am quite sure it is. Then it occurred to me, I can be a police officer. That will be quite impressive. Chasing after bad people and keeping the law. Then it dawned on me, a fire fighter also sees real action and saves people as well, doing that will sure have made my parents feel proud of me. These were some really great ideas I had in my mind, as to what I wanted to do with my life.


Well, I ended up not choosing any of these as my career path when I grew older, but I think that these dreams offered me an opportunity to record something on paper to start with. Well, I did not have a personal computer back then, so I had little choice but to use a pen and paper.