Today we have an opportunity to do something great. We can learn from yesterday, but it is long gone. What can we do differently to change, to expand ourselves and to grow? That is important for us today.

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ADHD Isn’t a Disorder of Attention


Many people think of ADHD as a disorder of attention or lack thereof. This is the traditional view of ADHD. But ADHD is much more complex. It involves issues with executive functioning, a set of cognitive skills, which has far-reaching effects.

In his comprehensive and excellent book Mindful Parenting for ADHD: A Guide to Cultivating Calm, Reducing Stress & Helping Children Thrive, developmental behavioral pediatrician Mark Bertin, MD, likens ADHD to an iceberg.

Above the water, people see poor focus, impulsivity and other noticeable symptoms. However, below the surface are a slew of issues caused by impaired executive function (which Bertin calls “an inefficient, off-task brain manager”).

Understanding the role of executive function in ADHD is critical for parents, so they can find the right tools to address their child’s ADHD. Plus, what may look like deliberate misbehaving may be an issue with ADHD, a symptom…

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5 Mistakes People Make When Managing Their Depression



5 Mistakes People Make When Managing Their DepressionWhen you’re treating any illness, making mistakes is inevitable. After all, making mistakes is how you learn, grow and get better.

Depression is a difficult illness, which colors how you see and feel about yourself. So, if you find yourself making the “mistakes” below, try not to judge yourself. Rather, view these mistakes as stepping stones, as signposts that lead you in a more helpful direction.

Below are five beliefs or behaviors that are ineffective in managing depression, along with insights into what works.

  1. Telling yourself to snap out of it. “When you’re depressed, it’s common to think that there’s no good reason that you’re having trouble getting out of bed, struggling to concentrate, or feeling so low,” said Lee Coleman, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist and author of Depression: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed.So you might try to motivate yourself by being self-critical or…

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16 Books Educators Should Consider Reading in 2016


Books 2016.jpg

If you’re anything like me you get on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking platforms and your education geek friends start listing books that you need to read. It seems as though there are new education books that come out every day … and that’s probably due to the fact that new education books come out every day.

Besides writing this blog for Education Week and running presentations and giving keynotes, I do a lot of work behind the scenes in publishing. With Ariel Bartlett and Arnis Burvikovs, we created the Connected Educators Series for Corwin Press which turned out 21 short-form practical books for teachers and leaders, and we are working on a new leadership series now.

And, if I don’t read enough through editing the books in the book series, I’m a reviewer of manuscripts for a couple of publishers. Over time what I have…

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Child Psychology : How to Discipline a Child That Does Not Listen


Children that do not listen are exhibiting a challenge to authority rather than a listening problem. Get through to your child with the assistance of a licensed psychologist in this free video.

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The Importance of Teamwork in Families


Allick’s comment:

In the family circle, regardless of the composition of your family, working together as a team is very important to successful family living. I will like you to read this article and seek to implement any of the strategies which you might not yet be using in your family.

The Importance of Teamwork in Families

Family members who work together can help balance each others’ strengths and weaknesses and bring everyone closer together, reports the University of Illinois Extension. Parents who work as a team have a positive impact on their children’s emotions and relationships. Kids who work as a team can increase their sibling bond, tend to watch out for each other and want to help and take care of one another.
Working together makes each member of your family feel good, notes the Students Against Destructive Decisions. Teamwork increases good feelings for both the helper…

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Getting over him/her

Heal. Grow.. Inspire...

So we’ve all been here some time and asked the question … “am I ever going to get over (insert name here)?”  I mean if there was actually a calculation then that would make things so much easier right?..

So hmm …. (thinks intensively) its 4 days of “what the hell just happened” plus 2 days of “why did this just happen to me?” minus  1 day “cry my heart out” divided by “someone I can lean on”  – this equals Y therefore I’ll be over him/her in approximately …. Well okay, enough wishful thinking – it’s just not that easy… interesting though, but not real.

We are all different and the loss we experience may also be different depending on what that person meant to you (were they just a crush or the love of your life?), the stage of your life, past experiences, what you or…

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