Success Secrets Revealed: Quickly Planning Your Dreams And Living A Happier Life.


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This is a book I wrote and placed on amazon kindle.  I am encouraging persons to purchase a copy and to leave an honest review.  This is the first book I have written and self published.  And so, I am quite excited to hear what you think and to have your support, by you obtaining a copy.

Thanks very much!

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I would like to thank you for obtaining a copy of this book and choosing to read it. This means that you have looked at your life, recognizing the need for assistance in taking your dreams or goals to another level. Possibly you are seeking information on how to rekindle that joy you once felt, when you considered that specific dream you had. Whatever the situation, you have made a conscious decision to make changes, or to learn more about the secret of how to be more productive with regards to your interest; refusing to stay at a level of low productivity and mental stagnation.

It is my hope, that upon completion of reading this book, your productivity will grow. Further, it is my hope that your output increases significantly, to a point where you are even more motivated to go further in your contributions to society.
I want you to look at the various illustration, quotes, life examples and to learn from them. A high possibility exist, that you will mentally grow in the process.

Thinking of how I benefited from mentors, I will like in return, to assist others to be inspired to the point that you are motivated to action, knowing that great things are possible for you too.

Through the words in this book, I want to talk to you as I may never personally meet my readers. And so, at the end of your reading, I hope that you are satisfied and willing to share what you have learned with others.

It is the belief, that you can get excited to want to grow and change as you read the words of this book. I once spoke to a graduating class and told them that they must become as butterflies after the caterpillar stage. For if the caterpillar remains such, it will die, so too if we refuse to transform we will be left behind; anxious and left to die mentally, becoming extinct with all our ideas, dreams and visions. How sad this will be, as we will have robbed persons of the talents and abilities we had, but refused to share or develop on.

As we change negative, self defeating thinking and become more effective at making better choices and planning more skillfully, we will grow and prosper.

I desire the best for all of you!

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1. You will develop a willing mind to achieve your goals.
2. The book will assist you to pay 100% attention to discipline methods used by successful people.
3. You will learn how to manage your activities given the time available to you.
4. You will gain insight into you own talents and skills and what you should do to prosper when met with a limitation.
5. You will learn the secret to increase productivity.
6. Learn the purpose of self evaluation.
7. The book will teach you how to create an environment around you, to have success in your life.
8. You will learn how to develop reflective practice techniques.