Children need reasons and direction to engage task

Many years ago, it probably was easier for an adult to say to a child ‘do this, or do that’. And what happened? The child engaged the task, without even asking, why? But children are at an early age engaging in discovery learning and critical thinking; they are inquisitive. It is true, children still go through the various stages in thinking and development, but being exposed to various media, as well as socialization that take place, they are encouraged to question and to explore different ways of thinking.
What adults are finding is that children no longer simply do as they are told but seek reasons as to why they should engage a specific task.
In some task, because of a lack of experience not all children can engage successfully, unless they receive direction. It is therefore left to their parents or/ and teachers to offer the necessary rationale for why they should engage a specific task and also offer the necessary directions to complete the task successfully.
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How to Get Kids To Listen Without Yelling

…When promises, pleading and threats no longer work, yelling can feel like the only option. Especially if time is short, behaviors are out of bounds, and big power struggles break out  yelling becomes the go to way to get kids to start listening.  

The problem is that yelling at kids really doesn’t help them focus on what you want them to do.  Katie Hurley, parenting educator explains why this backfires:








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How to teach your child to be a responsible smartphone user

According to reports, a young actress’ smartphone was stolen and her private videos uploaded to the internet. Read this to know how you can prevent the same thing from happening to your child.

On July 10, 2015, a video containing sexually explicit content went viral across the nation. The video allegedly shows a 12-year-old award-winning Filipino actress performing sexual acts in different parts of her home.

The actress, as of press time, has not yet released a statement as to whether or not it was her in the video—though sources say that the video was leaked online after the actress’ smartphone was stolen. Other reports say that a talent manager uploaded the video onto an online forum but did not name the actress.


Following the video scandal, today is the best time to sit down with your child and to talk to them about being responsible with their smartphone. Children need to be reminded that while smartphones are powerful tools for communication, they can also create pictures, videos, and texts that can be uploaded in an instant.

Here are some things that you should bring up with your child:

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