My early teenage years and writing.

In my early teenage years, I really developed and enthusiasm for writing. I had really enjoyed writing compositions or short stories for my class. But particularly I had a burning desire to record all the plans I could possibly think about for my future. I found this to be like putting together the pieces of a puzzle and seeing how the big picture came together. I could remember reading a book too, which encouraged the readers to become a friend of writing; writing down what you plan to achieve in your short and long term life. So for me, writing was going to be my new companion. And so, I remembered loving to record everything as it pertained to my career path, academic journey, places I wanted to visit, how much money I thought I could possibly make, the age to get married and so on. I just put it all down on paper.

What I was doing, was journaling my thoughts as it pertained to the ideas I had in my mind. And as I did so it started to take the shape of a plan for my life. Just as building any apartment, electronic device or furniture, a plan is needed to guide the builders, the same is true in obtaining the finished product, your goal.

The great thing about journaling is that you can return to the written or typed material at any time, to make additions or deletions as the case may be. For this is exactly what happened to me. Sometimes in your planning specific factors will not be taken into account. While it was true that I was involved in a process that will have ultimately shaped the direction of my life, being a young person meant that there were pieces of information I will not have known about. For instance, I had not researched any of the universities in the area at the start of my planning and therefore did not know all the courses I would have had to take in order to put me on the path to achieve my goal. But when I did this research I was now able to fit in this information into the planning process.

At this stage in my planning, for some reason I felt that from the time I approached age eighteen, that I would have had to work, save up the money and pay for my tuition. But happily I had to revise that part of the plan as well, for my parents opted to pay for my schooling. So if you find yourself having to make changes to your plans feel free to do so, once the alternatives can contribute in a positive way to you achieving your goal.

In your planning you will have the opportunity to observe areas in your life where assistance is needed. As you seek out such assistance, and learn from the education and training you received also take note of this. When you reflect on this from time to time it will assist you to recognize that in attaining your dreams you will need the assistance of others. Coming out from this will also be the enhanced abilities you possess as a result.


The idea that life is always easy to live:

We look at the accomplishments of others, and sure enough, they look as though these were achieve quite simply. Unless we spoke to that individual or now of their personal schedule, there are much that goes unseen. We do not always see the sleepless nights, or the days spent planning and reflecting on how their dreams can be made into reality.
Somehow the false idea gets out there, that things just happen for people and there is no work involved. This though is far from the reality of what a person who is successful at their craft experience.

Team Work

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From a professional standpoint, there is nothing more rewarding than team work. When every person knows how to do their job, and they work together with the precision of a watch to get the job done, it is impressive to see. Every moving part is important. It is effective and efficient, and each part depends on the other in order to work in harmony.

However, what I have seen time and time again is a lack of team work in most companies and governmental agencies. People are more concerned with back stabbing and working their way to the top, and it does not matter who they run over in the process. Gossiping, lying to your co-workers and subordinates, no accountability for personal actions on and off duty, lack of supervision, and out dated policy and procedures serve as the catalyst for these actions.

What is team work? It is the…

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